About Us

About Us

NZ Charity is an authentic Bangladesh-based non-profit local charity organization operating in Bangladesh that provides hope and support to the helpless and vulnerable individual. We’ve set a standard of unimpeachable ethics for everything we do. We make decisions as if the people in our care were our very own people. 

Our Story

In 2008, Zillur Rahman, the anchor of the popular Bangladeshi television Talk-show “Tritiyo Matra” founded the NZ charity in memory of his daughter ‘Najah Zayaan”, who died in her infancy. Since then the NZ charity, with the support of friends and family, has been working continuously for the welfare of the people.


NZ Charity is a non-profit charity organization operating in Bangladesh with the aim to provide aid to underprivileged and vulnerable people in Bangladesh. Since its inception, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in alleviating poverty. However, there are still many people who are living below the poverty line in both rural and urban areas. Our mission is to initiate and spread Charity engagements all over Bangladesh to aid the most vulnerable people.


It is the vision of the NZ charity to provide the most compassionate help possible to underprivileged people and to show the world that every human being, regardless of his or her needs, deserves to experience love and be treated with dignity and care.

Our Service Area

NZ Charity is currently located in Dhaka and conducting fieldwork all over Bangladesh, specifically in the rural area. The organization works with its partners that help bring about a change on a local level by facilitating people in different areas. 

Currently, it is operating AKM KhalilurRahman Public Library at Shariatpur, which plays an important role in spreading education in the area. Also, BaitulMa'mur Mosque is being built with the full support of the NZ charity. It is also running a women empowerment project to create employment for rural women. Besides, it donates to many holy places and orphanages relentlessly.

List of Donors and Organizations

We know our activities does not just magically happen. we organize multiple programs with constant strife to promote the welfare of society, partnering with organizations, and public support groups. Every piece of NZ charity is a direct result of wonderful people like you getting involved to make a difference, and we never take that for granted. When you contribute to NZ charity, we want you to know the impact you have made on the lives of mankind.

Ways to get involved

You can easily get involved with us in many ways. Though financial donations are always crucial, but your advocacy and volunteering will also help us to fulfill our aim. We've also introduced both online and offline platforms to create a fundraiser in honor of your birthday or special event to help people through our programs. We cannot accomplish our important work without your noble help and support. Our collective effort can change the world for good.

You can send any amount of donation to this NZ Charity bKash number: +880 1750739737 

(N.B. We guarantee the highest privacy of the donor's identity if he/she is not interested to make it public.)